Costco Cake Tips Before Ordering

Tiered Cake Savings: Costco's online "Special Occasion Cake" is a budget-friendly option for weddings, baby showers, or birthdays. Save 40% compared to the average wedding cake cost.

Freshness Reminder: Costco cakes are perishable, made with fresh buttercream. Keep them refrigerated before your event or outing, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious.

Scored for Precision: Hate cutting cakes? Ask Costco to score it for you. Buttercream lines make slicing easy, ensuring you get the perfect number of servings.

DIY Decorating Fun: Turn a plain Costco cake into a creative project. Order undecorated, grab some supplies, and unleash your inner decorator. A fun and rewarding evening awaits!

Freeze for Later: Got leftovers? Freeze Costco cakes for months! Tightly wrap in plastic and foil, then enjoy later. A tradition for weddings, but applicable to any large cake.

Return Policy Assurance: Costco stands by its cakes with a satisfaction guarantee. If your cake disappoints, they'll make it right. Just remember, reasonable returns apply.

Customize with Ease: Costco lets you customize cakes with size, flavor, design, and writing. Plan ahead for personalized perfection, with options for birthdays, graduations, and more.