Costco Cake Tips To Know Before You Order The Dessert

Seriously Cheap Prices Costco cakes offer affordability with 8-inch round cakes starting at $15.99 and full sheet cakes at just $39.99, making quality baked goods accessible to all budgets.

Feeding a Crowd: Costco's sheet cakes are perfect for parties, with half-sheets serving up to 48 people and full sheets satisfying a hungry crowd of 96. Big celebrations, small prices!

Customize with Ease: Costco lets you customize cakes with size, flavor, design, and writing. Plan ahead for personalized perfection, with options for birthdays, graduations, and more.

Flavor Simplicity: While Costco's sheet cakes offer unbeatable prices, choices are limited to white or chocolate. But with a vanilla or chocolate base, they still promise crowd-pleasing flavors.

Last-Minute Ready-Mades: Need a cake ASAP? Walk into Costco and grab a ready-made round or bar cake. Limited customization, but the festive designs suit various occasions.

Design Variety: Costco's sheet cakes boast over two dozen designs, from classic flags and balloons to themed cakes. Choose one design per cake to match any celebration.

Personalized Messages: Costco lets you add a personal touch with free custom writing on your cake. A small detail, but it adds a special touch to your celebration.