The Most Famous Food Brands From Every State

Alaska Plumber Steve Henson crafted Ranch in the Alaskan bush to entice co-workers. Later, in California's Hidden Valley Ranch, the iconic dressing took root.

Arizona Cold Stone Creamery founders revolutionized ice cream in Tempe, creating a superior brand by making it in-house daily on a chilled granite slab.

Arkansas Jimmy Dean transitioned from country star to sausage mogul in Springdale, teaming up with his brother to create the renowned Jimmy Dean Sausage.

California Diamond Nuts, based in Stockton, has been a walnut pioneer since 1912, dominating the market with non-GMO varieties and diverse nut offerings.

Colorado Silk, born in Broomfield, transformed from a tofu venture to a major dairy-free milk producer, specializing in soy, almond, coconut, and cashew milk.

Connecticut Margaret Rudkin's foray into baking, driven by her son's allergies, led to premium Pepperidge Farm loaves, recommended by doctors for health benefits.

Delaware Bridgeville hosts the Apple Scrapple festival celebrating Rapa Scrapple, a beloved meat brand established by two brothers in the 1920s.